Balanced Scorecard for SMEs Live Workshop (Hands-on|Tools-on; 5d/30 hours)


The live Workshop is divided into three modules that address various themes of the “strategic process” and fundamental theoretical management models to “bit-by-bit” learn how to build and implement the Balanced Scorecard model.

The participant receives the necessary theoretical knowledge and performs activities with the help of a Case and Facilitator for the construction of the Balanced Scorecard.

Similarly the participant also learns to identify the necessary elements to use specialized software

  • A variant of this course has been taught to executives from UK, India, Nigeria and Latin America…
  • At ITAM (Mexico’s top leading Business School), it was evaluated as excellent for two years in a row!
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Lay on participants the theoretical and practical foundations on the most important elements and principles to design and develop, execute “bit-by-bit” the Balanced Scorecard as the State-of-the-Art Model for effective Strategy Management.


  • HANDS-ON | TOOLS-ON standardized and customized Workshops, where the theoretical basis for the construction of the Balanced Scorecard model is synthesized.
  • CASE STUDIES are used to go over the process of Balanced Scorecard design and construction (hands-on).
  • A resemblance of Strategy Implementation and Management with specialized software platform (tools-on) is provided.


Hands-on | Tools-on

Case Studies

Case Studies


Block 1.- Building Strategy Maps with Balanced Scorecard

  • Strategic Process concepts, elements of the Balanced Scorecard are introduced to the assembly of Strategy Maps

Block 2.- Indicators and targets definition of with Balanced Scorecard for the Health Sector

  • Concepts and theoretical foundations of tools for building the Balanced Scorecard of the Case Study are introduced, and through activities the participant learns to determine the baseline, indicators catalogue and targets.

Block 3.- Selecting and linking Strategic Initiatives with Balanced Scorecard

  • Teaching the theoretical foundations is completed to develop Strategic Initiatives and Initiatives Mapping (operations) and linking them to strategic objectives (Strategy).

Strategic Management concepts for monitoring and evaluating the Balanced Scorecard implementation are introduced, as well as the key success factors and limitations of the Balanced Scorecard.

(**) 5 days Workshop:

Deepens into the development of the Vision, Strategic Analysis, Design Strategy Maps, the Balanced Scorecard and the Strategic Management with Case Study and specialized software use.


Profit and non-profit organizations seeking to deepen their knowledge and start the design and construction of Balanced Scorecard with its own resources.

  • Senior and Middle Managers of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)s
  • Senior and Middle Managers pursuing Cascading in Large Organizations


  • 15-25 places conference room
  • Slides
  • Case Study
In house
  • Individual and Group Activities
  • Specialized Software
  • Coffee breaks



  • 5 day workshop – 30 hours (6 hours per day – A.M. **)
  • 4 day Weekend Workshop (2 weekends) – 18 hours. (Friday 4 hours P.M. – Saturday 5 hours A.M)
  • Customized (…in-house)


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