It is important to know that:

Balanced Scorecard Information


Proxture’s boutique engagements


Specialized Balanced Scorecard Consultancy engagements:




Corporate Balanced Scorecard (High level)

  • Profit Sector – Executive Directorates
  • Non-Profit Sector – Government Executive Directorates / Ministries / NGOs

BSC Cascading (Strategic Units, Departments)

  • Profit Sector – Strategic Units / Lines of Business
  • Non-Profit Sector – Individual or Multi-organizational Programmes


Global Partners

International Sites (in-house)


– Corporate – typically 5-6 months according to complexity (…in-house)

– Cascading – typically 4 months according to number of deployment units (…in-house)

A typical boutique Corporate Balanced Scorecard engagement involves:

Tailored interventions

Tailored interventions

  1. Strategic Team Selection
  2. Executive Training
  3. Formulation / reformulation of Balanced Scorecard input elements
  4. Bit-by-bit Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecard construction for the selected organizational levels
  5. Creation of the Office of Strategy Management or duties
  6. Software Selection Support
  7. Strategic Management with Balanced Scorecard Coaching

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