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Proxture Ltd is a venture capital funded company incorporated in the USA since late 2013 with current Headquarters in London, UK. Born of years of research and practice in the area of ​​ Strategic Planning in public and private organizations.

Its Mission is to provide training, cost-effective tools and technical assistance in administrative matters related to development and implementation of the Balanced Scorecard Model; currently regarded as the leading edge model in Corporate Strategy.

The Business Model of Proxture is based on the available technology to transfer in a simple, efficient and economical way, knowledge to clients using cutting-edge ideas, analysis and developing integrated management models and implementation of best practices.

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High Level Support

Three main lines of our services:

  1.  To provide cutting-edge knowledge to public and private organizations through executive high-level academic and specialized training scorecard.
  2. Offer a self-applicable technology platform for development, implementation and management of the Balanced Scorecard of private and public organizations, educational and non-profit sector.
  3. Provide technical assistance (consulting) for whichever need that cannot be covered by training or technological developments.

Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company strongly believes that supporting simple, accessible and affordable tools from small to large enterprises for the development of Strategic Planning, will bring benefits in the development and maintenance of jobs, and thus to a more sustainable economic and social development, in an environment of relative turbulence and downturn.

A percentage of your purchase goes to Charity institutions!